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that have weighed in on this debate, most notably president obama and governor romney in the most recent of the first presidential debate october 3rd. governor romney come every economy has good regulation at the same time, regulation can be excessive. the dodd-frank act as a number of provisions that have unintended consequences that are harmful to the economy. it's killing regional and small banks i would repeal and replace it. president obama. the reason we've been in such an economic crisis is prompted by the behavior on wall street putting main street at risk. we stepped in and had the toughest reforms since the 1930's and so the question does anybody out there think we have too much regulation on wall street? senator warner of virginia who was involved in crafting the bill, congress never gets it right when you are looking at a massive reform legislation the first time through. you come back to or three years to do collections legislation. the secretary of the treasury with tim geithner in an editorial march 1st strong defense of the dodd-frank act asking them to remember the finan
and gentlemen, this is what the problem is back there. we've become so isolated. i'm going to work with governor romney if he becomes president or president obama. we have to make sure that we tackle this problem. for 36 years my opponent's been back there, and we haven't had a solution. at ibm if you're in a position and you don't fix something, you're fired, you're terminated, you're done. >> moderator: let's go to our next question. it's from randy parker, ceo of the utah farm bureau. it'll go to mr. howell. mr. parker. >> senator hatch, mr. howell, good to be here. our national debt is clearly a burden on our country and our future financial well being. what do you propose to do to reduce government spending, cut the debt and secure our national security for the future? howell: well, thank you, randy, and i appreciate the farm bureau, and randy was actually one of those that my grandfather mentored from our farm down in castleville, utah. you know, the biggest issue we're facing in this country is the debt and deficit. we have to solve this, and i think orrin and i would both agree, we have
, monday and tuesday. chris christie, the governor of new jersey to his state was hardest hit by hurricane sandy has made some very favorable comments, a republican who spent a lot of time bashing obama, over the last couple of months, made some really favorable comments about the president. said he deserves a lot of credit for the storm handle but here's a moment in which the president can you show great leadership and an opportunity to sort of demonstrate the power of the white house and the power of incumbency, or he can screw it up and botch everything and end up losing reelection probably because of it. i think he's probably tilting towards the leadership side now. there have not been a serious critiques of obama's handling of storm's aftermath. meanwhile, what is mitt romney did you? he's in this bizarre sort of middle place where there is no role for an opposition candidate. there's no sort of acceptance script in what a candidate is supposed to do when one of these big storms comes along. so whatever move he makes can look sort of still aqua. so there's a risk for both sides, and i
want your home injured, you have to do this. in the real world, barack obama's policies worked better. >> host: former president bill clinton in minnesota yesterday talking about climate -- global climate change and mitt romney's policies on that. we will hear from governor romney who was in a high yesterday in a little bit. he took a campaign event and made it into an acknowledgment of the storm and the victims so we will show you a little of that later. james in texas, an independent. you are up next. >> caller: good morning. i am nearly 70-years-old and i've been around for a long time. i've seen winters that were colder than normal and lenders that were warmer than normal and over my lifetime i can remember here in texas i've seen icicles 4 feet long hanging from the rafters but then other times i've seen it where it barely got cold - year. so i think the earth has a cycle of warming and cooling cycles. one of the problems with sandy come hurricane sandy talking about the infrastructure being older and the worst subway damage in 100 years or some odd, one of the reasons it seems t
the obama -- i mean, from the bush to the obama administration in the transition. the presidential candidates, even the nominee's authority do not get really president-elect bush called the stuff in terms of regimes. the two candidates i assume governor romney is getting these now. the nominees of the party are offering intelligence briefings by career people, but the analytical or what we used to call briefings, which is one of the many euphemisms from cia's panchayat to purge from my memory because i can't get it out of my head. but their analytical. they are not operational. they're not given a lot of specific details about agents and agent operation that only happens once the election takes place. once it is in the case of the new president, obviously a president obama is reelected, this will not happen. but that is when they get the review above the ongoing covert programs. that is some president-elect obama first had a detailed briefing on the enhanced interrogation program. by that time, much of it, or suppose "the new york times" probably had 85% of it. but that wasn't the
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5